Vapour Soda Blasting 

Vapour Soda Blasting (also known as Dustless Soda Blasting) is a process in which sodium bicarbonate is delivered against a surface using both compressed air and water. It is a very mild form of abrasive blasting, much milder than sand blasting.

Soda Vapour Blasting is a non-destructive method ideally suited to bare metal components such as aluminium, magnesium, bronze, titanium, brass, copper and some plastics. This process is essential for cleaning engine blocks and gearbox components when it is imperative that there is no risk of contamination with blast media, for example in high performance engines for racing cars and motorcycles.

The Vapour Soda Blasting process gives a superior semi-satin finish similar to the Vapour Blasting process but with no contamination risk.

  • Soda abrasive is a 100% water soluble so there will be no contamination of oilways and drillings in engine and gearbox parts  

  • Soda can remove oil, grease and dirt in one operation with no pre-cleaning required, saving time and money on pre-blast preparations

  • The specially formulated Sodium Bicarbonate abrasive is designed specifically for blasting, when water is applied to the process it reduces dust by 90% when compared to blasting dry. This process is also known as dustless soda blasting

  • Soda abrasive is soft and powdery therefore it will not damage bearings, seals, or other moving components as hard abrasives can

  • Soda can be used safely around hydraulics, pipework and valves etc.

  • The Vapour Soda Blast process has no size restriction of components as it is not carried out in a cabinet, therefore making it ideal for large aluminium components that wouldn't normally fit inside the Vapour Blasting cabinet. For example a complete car or van engine, or gearbox

The soda blasting material consists of formulated Sodium Bicarbonate (also known as baking soda). Blasting soda is an extremely crumbly material that microfragments upon impact, this action explodes surface contaminants away without damaging the component's surface. Due to this nature the blasting pressures used are very low compared to sand-blasting i.e. 20psi as opposed to 120psi thus minimising risks of component damage.


Prices are quoted as approximate as each individual piece will vary due to size, shape and condition. All prices will be confirmed on inspection. Please contact us for quotes on any vapour and dry blasting to motorcycle, car, marine or industrial parts..


We welcome items received by post and on completion of blasting will be returned by post to you P&P costs apply.


After Soda Blasting all items will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure residual media removal. However, we cannot guarantee that there will not be any media residue left. It is the responsibility of each customer to check over their components before reassembly commences. 


After the Blasting process components are prone to corrosion and oxidation which leads to deterioration of the the final finish over time. We can treat the vapour blasted items with an inhibitor (ACF-50) if requested to prevent and delay deterioration.


The cleaning process can reveal defects such as stress fractures - FWD Vapour Blasting cannot accept responsibility for pre-existing damage revealed during the cleaning process.

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