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Vapour Shot Blasting also known as dustless grit blasting, dustless shot blasting, or wet blasting is a process in which we use Aluminium Oxide (a fine synthetic Aluminium Silicate abrasive) to deliver against a surface using both compressed air and water.

This unique system of Vapour Blasting allows very low blasting pressures compared to sand blasting, down as low as 20psi, significantly reducing risk of blast damage. It is especially effective for blast cleaning items that require paint and/or rust removal back to bare metal in preparation for painting, or powder coating, for example motorcycle frames, components, car body panels and alloy wheels.

Unlike dry shot blasting this Vapour Blasting process eliminates the possibility of heat distortion to vehicle panel work due to the blasting impact area remaining cool by the flow of water. This process also eliminates media embedment into the blasted panel due to the cushioning effect of water whilst blasting. This makes Vapour Shot Blasting ideal for restoration of older vehicle parts especially bodywork and frames of classic Vespa's and Lambretta's, classic motorcycle tanks and mudguards, classic car body panels such as door and bonnet panels. 

  • Vapour Shot Blasting eliminates abrasive embedment in the substrate to produce a more consistent finish

  • Ideal for use on steel, aluminium and iron items that require blast cleaning of paint, powder coat, or rust removal in preparation of coated refinishing

  • Low blasting pressures are used compared to sand-blasting i.e. 20psi as opposed to 120psi thus minimising risks of component damage

  • All components upon completion of blasting are washed down with a rust inhibitor to give 7-14 days resistance to flash rusting of the freshly blasted surfaces

  • Vapour Shot Blasting is ideally suited to motorcycle and scooter frames and panels, alloy motorcycle and car wheels, car bodywork, garden furniture and gates, as well as household items such as iron fire surrounds, bed frames, radiators etc.

If blasted components are not to be painted or coated within approximately 10 days of completion we advise application of etch primer to prevent the onset of rusting.

Please note the cleaning process can reveal defects such as stress fractures. FWD Vapour Blasting cannot accept responsibility for pre-existing damage revealed during the cleaning process. If defects are identified we will inform you immediately.


Please contact us to discuss any of the preparation process.



Prices are quoted as approximate as each individual piece will vary due to size, shape and condition. All prices will be confirmed on inspection. Please contact us for quotes on any vapour and dry blasting to motorcycle, car, marine or industrial parts.


We welcome items received by post and on completion of blasting will be returned by post to you P&P costs apply.


After Vapour Blasting all items will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure residual media removal. However, *we cannot guarantee that there will not be any media residue left. It is the responsibility of each customer to check over their components before reassembly commences. 


After the Blasting process components are prone to corrosion and oxidation which leads to deterioration of the the final finish over time. We can treat the vapour blasted items with an inhibitor (ACF-50) if requested to prevent and delay deterioration.


The cleaning process can reveal defects such as stress fractures - FWD Vapour Blasting cannot accept responsibility for pre-existing damage revealed during the cleaning process.

FWD Vapour Blasting serves Colchester, Chelmsford, Witham, Maldon, Braintree, Southend, South Woodham Ferrers, Clacton, Halstead, Burnham on Crouch, Tiptree, Kelvedon, Marks Tey, Mersea Island, Essex, Ipswich, Hadleigh, Sudbury, Bury St Edmunds, Woodbridge, Felixstowe, Suffolk, East Anglia and the whole of the UK.

Fire surround Shot blasted clean of old
Lambretta Li 125 shot blasted
Ginetta parts shot blasted clean
Set of 5 old Land Rover 2a wheels shot blasted
Shot blasted BMW M3 rear trailing arms
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